Mexico Travel Resources

mexico travel resources

When it comes to traveling frequently, having reliable resources at your disposal can be incredibly beneficial.

Even if you prefer a more spontaneous approach to planning your adventures, various steps must be taken in terms of research and preparation.

To truly make the most of each trip while staying within budget, it’s essential to have access to top-notch travel resources.

On this page, you’ll find a curated selection of the best travel brands and services that many of my readers and I use to secure the best deals and plan our trips.

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5 basic travel resources for trip planning

Browsing through travel resources such as top tips lists and booking websites may seem tedious, but it can lead to valuable discoveries and cost-saving strategies.

From finding affordable accommodations to organizing activities or even researching tours for hard-to-reach destinations, these resources are my go-to for planning and reserving all aspects of a fantastic journey.

1. Project Visa

Before arriving at any destination, it’s crucial to understand whether obtaining a visa beforehand is necessary or if it can be obtained upon arrival.

One of my top go-to travel resources is Project Visa. It provides a comprehensive list of visa requirements for all countries and includes locations of embassies for those countries worldwide, in case you need to apply before arrival.

2. Travel Insurance

When planning a trip, obtaining the proper travel insurance is crucial.

To ensure you have the best coverage, it’s important to familiarize yourself with common misconceptions about policies and pay attention to the fine print.

To assist in your search, I have selected one of the top travel insurance providers for your convenience:

Don’t let unexpected events ruin your journey. Make sure you’re protected with the right insurance.

3. Accommodations is my go-to website for finding the best deals on hotels, guesthouses, and other types of accommodations.

With a vast selection of hotels and privately rented holiday homes worldwide, they offer incredibly low rates and free cancellation on most bookings.

The website has a user-friendly interface, and many search and filtering options make it my top choice for booking vacation stays. In fact, I currently book approximately 95% of all my vacation stays through

The map below shows Mexico City, but you can use it to find the best accommodation deals anywhere in the world!

4. Tours and Activities with Viator

Viator is the leading global platform for reserving guided tours, tickets, and organized activities. By partnering with top local providers and Tripadvisor, they transform your vacations into extraordinary experiences.

From uncovering hidden gems in Oaxaca to exploring the Marietas Islands’ hidden beach, the options on Viator are endless.

I personally use them for all my tour and excursion planning and have found their prices to be competitive, if not better than others. Furthermore, their cancellation policy and customer support are unparalleled.

5. Car Rental

mexico travel resources

As the world’s largest online car rental service, provides car hire in 167 countries and 40 languages.

They partner with local companies to offer unbeatable prices and exceptional service while providing the protection and flexibility you expect from a top international company.

Book with confidence, knowing that your terms are guaranteed.