Lagos de Moreno: Dive into Jalisco’s Rich Culture and Beauty

lagos de moreno
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Lagos de Moreno: Dive into Jalisco’s Rich Culture and Beauty

In 2012, Lagos de Moreno, in the state of Jalisco, was designated as one of the new Magical Towns of Mexico as a way to recognize its natural wealth, historical contributions, and cultural values.

Ranging from ancient traditions and culture to handicrafts and gastronomy.

It is located in the east of Jalisco and is a place that blends natural beauty and a ton of history.

Its architecture evokes the colonial era; its Historical Center is the best preserved in the state, with beautiful buildings built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that mix baroque and neoclassical styles.

It has been a World Cultural Heritage Site since 1989; part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

Lagos de Moreno has great gastronomic richness, with delicious dishes such as pacholas, rice mole, birria tatemada (smoked), goat or calf meat, raw corn, wheat gorditas, tepache, pulque, and pozole.

A visit to the handicraft center is a must, where you can buy cheeses and sweets from the region and saddlery, pewter, and other handicrafts.

Getting to Lagos de Moreno

Again, Lagos de Moreno is in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. To get there, you have several options:

By air: The nearest major airport is Guadalajara International Airport, which is approximately 180 km from Lagos de Moreno. From there, you can take a taxi or rent a car.

By bus: Regular bus services connect Lagos de Moreno with other cities in the region, including Guadalajara.

By car: If driving, take Federal Highway 15, which connects the city to Guadalajara and other nearby destinations (about a 2-hour drive).

No matter where you’re coming from, it’s always a good idea to plan your trip.

I suggest renting a car, as this will allow you to visit and explore other interesting sites nearby at your own pace.

What to see in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

lagos de moreno
Historic buildings in downtown

The Plaza Constituyentes is a beautiful place with a French-style kiosk that serves as a meeting place for family gatherings.

In front is located the Parish of the Assumption, considered the city’s symbol, which is one of the most notable examples of Latin American baroque.

Across the street is the José Rosas Moreno Theater, a monumental classic 19th-century Porfirian building.

Behind the parish is the Museum of Sacred Art, with oil paintings, sculptures, chasubles, and other artistic objects.

An interactive room that narrates the local culture, including the charrería, illustrious characters, and the architecture of Lagos de Moreno.

Also within the first square is the Municipal Palace, a two-story building with beautiful ironwork balconies.

Inside there is a mural painted by Santiago Rosales symbolizing the struggle of the people of La Laguna.

A few steps away is the municipal market and the Plaza IV Centenario, where the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located, built at the beginning of the XIX century with a rustic façade.

There are several religious buildings worth visiting:

  • La Iglesia del Refugio is a simple neoclassical style construction that holds a beautiful legend of faith, as it was built on the site where the image of a believer was found
  • The Templo del Rosario, dating from the 18th century is another of the beautiful buildings in the city, as well as the Templo de San Felipe with a gothic style, located in front of a beautiful square with a fountain
  • La Rinconada de la Merced, a small staggered square with two levels that combines several buildings such as the Casa de la Rinconada, an old inn from the 18th century that housed Miguel Hidalgo and the Temple and Convent of La Merced, a neoclassical construction from the 18th century

Another corner that can be visited is the Capuchinas, a beautiful square part of the Convent of Las Capuchinas, a building dating from the eighteenth century.

The Temple of the Capuchinas, now the Temple of San Jose, has a facade with Mudejar elements and contrasts with the neoclassical style of its interior.

Impressive colonial architecture

lagos de moreno

It has beautiful religious constructions and magnificent civil buildings such as the Casa Montecristo considered one of the most important antique houses in the country.

Its art nouveau motifs and the finials on the doors and windows stand out.

Another well-known construction in Lagos de Moreno is the Quinta Rincón Gallardo, with beautiful fences and Ionic-style columns; next to magnificent moldings in quarry stone decorated with phytomorphic motifs and cherubs.

Next is the Parroquia de la Luz, a sumptuous building of the early twentieth century with Tuscan columns and a dome replica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre in Paris; inside, attractive paintings depict the life of the Virgin of Light.

The Temple of Calvary, located in the Cerro de la Calavera, is another of the city’s distinctive buildings with a frontispiece like the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome; from there, you have a beautiful beautiful view panoramic view of the city.

Inside, the confessionals, the pulpit, and the floor, all made of mesquite wood, stand out.

Regarding the cultural aspect, Lagos de Moreno has the Agustín Rivera Museum, located in what used to be the house of the illustrious writer and historian from Laguense, dating from the XVII century, and it has two rooms where different exhibitions, workshops, and conferences are held.

The House of Culture is located in what used to be an 18th-century convent with beautiful architecture characterized by its windows and doors framed in quarry stone.

It has interesting neoclassical altarpieces, paintings from the 19th century, and a mural by Gabriel Flores.

To relax and mingle with the locals you can visit Plaza Salvador Azuela and Plaza Zaragoza. Don’t miss the Paseo de la Ribera to enjoy a special atmosphere and visit the local bars and nightclubs.

Lagos de Moreno lodging

lagos de moreno
Hacienda Sepulveda Boutique Hotel

Wooded and ranch-style landscapes characterize Lagos de Moreno’s surroundings, where you can visit some impressive haciendas.

Some of these Haciendas are now converted into boutique hotels such as the beautiful Hacienda Sepulveda.

There are also spas with hot springs and ecotourism parks where you can practice activities such as rappel, suspension bridges, horseback riding, and zip lines.

You can also visit the Sierra de Comanja with incredible wooded landscapes ideal for a day in the countryside, hiking, mountaineering, and mountain biking.


In conclusion, Lagos de Moreno stands as a vibrant gem within Jalisco, Mexico, enticing travelers with its rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty.

From its stunning colonial architecture to its flavorful cuisine and warm hospitality, this charming town offers a unique glimpse into Mexico’s diverse heritage.

Whether you’re exploring its cobblestone streets, indulging in local delicacies, or admiring the picturesque landscapes, Lagos de Moreno promises an unforgettable experience.

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