15 Foods of Chiapas You Need to Try! (Foodies Only)

foods of chiapas
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15 Foods of Chiapas You Need to Try! (Foodies Only)

Welcome, fellow food enthusiasts, to a culinary journey like no other!

Nestled in the heart of Mexico, the vibrant state of Chiapas is a treasure trove of rich flavors, ancient traditions, and a cornucopia of mouthwatering dishes waiting to be discovered.

In our quest to tantalize your taste buds, we’ve embarked on a gastronomic adventure that brings you the 15 Foods of Chiapas You Need to Try!

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a casual diner with a penchant for exploration, this blog post will introduce you to a world of taste that’s sure to leave an indelible mark on your culinary wanderlust.

From the lush highlands to the dense rainforests, Chiapas offers a diverse and flavorful menu that reflects the state’s unique culture and history.

Top 15 Foods of Chiapas

Eating in Chiapas is undoubtedly an experience for the palate because it has dozens of savory and sweet dishes with ingredients that can only be found here.

1. Tamales de Bola

foods of chiapas

We all know Mexico is famous for its Tamales. And Chiapas has its own version of them.

*Read more about the different types of tamales in Mexico.

“Tamales de bola” are made with fresh local corn dough, with a mixture of Simojovel chile and spices, wrapped in steamed corncob leaf. A dish that may seem simple, but really is not.

These tamales have their origin in prehistoric times as a fundamental part of the Mayan ceremonial rites.

The Mayas placed the tamales as part of their offering to the gods since it was considered that corn represented wealth and abundance in the lands that worshipped them and the Simojovel chiles were a sign of the place where they wanted abundance to arrive.

The tamales de bola, have a history behind them because their recipe and use have been captured in the hieroglyphs of Palenque Chiapas, same that you can also visit in the archaeological sites.

2. Sopa de Pan (Bread Soup)

foods of chiapas

During the conquest, the Spaniards introduced this dish only for religious celebrations, as it was considered a delicacy that could only be tasted in the name of God.

Over the years and after having defeated the conquerors, the people of Chiapas improved the recipe and exploited to the maximum the flavors of this delicious “bread soup.”

This special soup is made with Pan de Coleto (typical of San Cristobal de las Casas), raisins, plantain, green beans, and slices of hard-boiled egg, in a tomato broth with dried chilies, saffron, oregano, and thyme, served hot in a clay pot.

3. Cochito Horneado (Baked Pork)

cochito horneado

If you come to Chiapas, the Cochito Horneado is something you cannot miss!

This tender pork meat is bathed in an ancho chile sauce, tomatoes, and many aromatic herbs native to Chiapas, and slowly cooked in the oven.

It is served with a little of its juice called “recado,” accompanied by lettuce, radishes, and onion.

The Cochito Horneado is a truly delicious meal, and you can find the best cochito in the world in Chiapa de Corzo, during the Fiesta Grande between January 8th and 23rd.

4. Huevos a la Chiapaneca (Chiapas Style Eggs)

foods of chiapas

Eggs usually make the perfect breakfast, and the people of Chiapas have it well in mind.

A mixture of fried corn tortillas with eggs and pot beans, results in one of the most delicious egg dishes in the world, “Los Huevos a la Chiapaneca.”

Normally, the people of Chiapas accompany them with fresh cream, traditional panela cheese, avocado, and chopped onion.

5. Queso Relleno de Ocosingo (Stuffed Cheese)

queso bola
The famous Queso Bola from the small town of Ocosingo, Chiapas (Ball Cheese) used for this recipe

The queso bola relleno de Ocosingo is one of the most emblematic foods of Chiapas because they have a very particular way of preparing cow’s milk curd.

In order to prepare this delicacy, you need a Queso Bola (cheese ball) and ground pork stew, tomatoes, onion, olives, serrano peppers, almonds, spices, and local aromatic herbs.

The hole in the cheese is made approximately 1 cm from the edge, and the ingredients I mentioned are cooked and sautéed for the filling.

Afterward, the cheese with the hole is stuffed and put in a pot to cook in a bain marie until it reaches a gratin consistency that will make you lick your fingers when you try it.

6. Chiapas Style Mole

foods of chiapas

Mole is another flagship of Mexican cuisine. Although there are many types of Moles, the Chiapas version is quite unique, and delicious!

In Chiapas, mole is a mixture of ancho chile, peanuts, tomato, onion, thyme, prunes, chocolate, crackers, white bread, and fried plantain with turkey or chicken meat boiled in the sauce.

7. Foods of Chiapas for Dessert: Chimbos

Crisp golden Chimbos

The Chimbos from Chiapas are some of my favorite desserts, they are super delicious and you can find them in practically any restaurant, plaza, or market.

Chimbos are small buns. Once they’re baked, they get soaked in egg and fried and topped with honey and cinnamon making it the most precious and delicious thing in all of Chiapas.

You’ll love them!

8. Caldo de Shuti (Shuti Snail Broth)

foods of chiapas

Caldo de Shuti, a small freshwater snail, is very common in the large rivers of Chiapas.

A big pot with water, tomato, onion, garlic, spices, and aromatic herbs accompanies the Shuti snails in its broth.

Imagine a chicken broth but with some snails and a completely new culinary sensation.

This dish is very common in Chiapas restaurants and, although it may seem a little strange, it is delicious.

9. Sopa de Chipilin

chipilin leaves
The Chipilin. Delicious and aromatic leaves from Chiapas.

A broth made of corn kernels, with chipilin leaves (a very popular bush in Chiapas) and dumplings stuffed with cheese, is what makes up the delicious Chipilin broth.

The truth is that this broth is very easy to find in practically all of Chiapas, but it is much easier to see it in downtown restaurants in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

10. Pepita con Tasajo (Smoked Beef & Pumpkin Seed Stew)

foods of chiapas

For dried smoked meat lovers, tasajo is ideal, as it blends the strong texture of beef strips with achiote, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, onion, lard, and local spices.

This stew has become very popular with the people of Chiapa de Corzo, and today it is quite common to find it in any restaurant or street food stand.

It will be very difficult to find pepita con tasajo outside of Chiapas, so if you are here visiting, make sure you do!

11. Nucú Ants (Yes! Ants)

nucu ants

Nucu, also known in the rest of Mexico as “Chicatana,” is a snack consumed in Chiapas like grasshoppers, jumiles, and snails.

It is common to find many food stalls with prepared Nucu for sale during June and July in any part of Chiapas.

Honestly, it is a rare experience, but definitely worth a try.

12. Enchiladas Palencanas

Like tamales, Chiapas also has its own version of enchiladas.

Featuring the classic tomato sauce, onion, garlic, dried chiles, plantain, pepita, sesame seeds, and peanuts.

Then bathing with the sauce the fried tortillas for the enchiladas, which are accompanied by Chiapanecan cream cheese and onion slices.

13. Chiapas Chicken Stew

Chiapas is one of the main producers of chicken and turkey; thanks to their easy maintenance, these animals can be reproduced much more easily by Chiapas cattle breeders than other meats such as beef and pork.

Given the ease of trade of chicken, in Chiapas it is customary to have a wide variety of stews with it, resulting in the famous “Estofado de pollo chiapaneco” (Chiapas chicken stew).

This stew usually contains vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, plantains, and chayote steamed together with chicken and local seasonings.

You could find chicken stew anywhere in Chiapas, but the best one is in downtown Tuxtla Gutierrez.

14. Pozol (Beverage)

Pozol (arrecho version)

Pozol is a mixture of boiled corn kernels with cocoa, ground by hand in a molcajete and mixed with water and natural sweetener from Chiapas.

This drink is typically served chilled in a “coconut” bowl and accompanied by cucumbers, jicama, or seasonal fruit with salt and chili, along with some peanuts. This is called “Pozol arrecho.”

In Mayan times, it was known as “Pochotl,” and was enjoyed by all migrants and travelers to mitigate hunger and refresh, hydrate, and nourish anyone who consumed it.

Today, you can find it in practically every market and street in Chiapas, but the best pozol is undoubtedly found in Chiapa de Corzo.

15. Tascalate (Beverage)

foods of chiapas

Last but not least, tascalate, the regional Mexican drink of the gods.

This drink is a base of corn tortillas, with cocoa and pulverized chili, which is mixed with cold water and sweetened with sugarcane.

Tascalate was considered a drink worthy of the gods and represented love among the people who drank it, as it was usually served at weddings and religious festivities.

Foods of Chiapas: Conclusion

Chiapas is a true culinary treasure trove for foodies seeking an authentic and diverse dining experience.

The 15 foods we’ve explored in this blog post offer just a taste of the rich gastronomic heritage of this Mexican state.

From the hearty tamales bola and sweet Chimbos to the exotic Cochito horneado and the refreshing pozol, Chiapas presents a unique blend of flavors, traditions, and history on every plate.

If you’re a true foodie, a journey to Chiapas is not just a destination but a culinary pilgrimage that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

The sheer variety of dishes, ingredients, and influences from indigenous communities and generations of culinary evolution make this region a must-visit for anyone passionate about food.

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