The 8 Best Mexican Airlines for Your 2024 Adventures

best mexican airlines
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Unveiling The 8 Best Mexican Airlines for Your 2024 Adventures

As the vibrant landscapes and rich cultural diversity of Mexico beckon, the anticipation of embarking on a thrilling adventure in 2024 is palpable.

Whether you’re drawn to the sun-soaked beaches of Cancun, the historic charm of Mexico City, or the picturesque landscapes of Oaxaca, the key to an unforgettable journey lies in the seamless travel experience offered by Mexico’s top airlines.

In this comprehensive guide, I unveil Mexico’s leading airlines that promise not only to transport you safely to your desired destinations but also to elevate your travel experience to unprecedented heights.

From top-notch services and in-flight amenities to reliability and safety measures, these airlines have earned their stripes in the competitive aviation industry, ensuring that your journey becomes as memorable as the destination.

Now, let’s explore the airlines that will redefine the way you soar through the skies on your Mexican escapades in 2024.

8 Best Mexican Airlines for 2024

1. Aeromexico

mexican airlines best

Founded in 1934, Aeromexico is currently the oldest airline still operating in Mexico, its main base is Mexico City and its fleet consists of 105 aircraft.

Mexico’s largest airline is part of Sky Team and connects with more than 90 destinations in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, it is considered one of the best airlines in Mexico.

It is the country’s flag carrier and considered the most expensive Mexican airline.

Its food and beverage service is included in all its flights but depends on the duration and the destinations it flies to.

All fares include carry-on baggage and checked baggage.

2. Mexicana: It’s Back!

best mexican airlines
Mexicana soars the skies again after almost 14 years of inactivity

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the resumption of operations of Mexicana de Aviación, which suspended operations in 2010.

Starting on December 2023, the iconic airline will once again fly under the administration of the Mexican Army, with the public company Olmeca-Maya-Mexica.

The goal of Mexicana, under the government administration, is to offer tickets up to 30% cheaper than other Mexican airlines.

Mexicana de Aviación will resume operations with 10 aircraft and will fly out of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (Mexico City) to 11 destinations:

  • Baja California
  • Campeche
  • Chiapas
  • Guerrero
  • Jalisco
  • Nuevo Leon
  • Quintana Roo
  • Sinaloa
  • Tabasco
  • Tamaulipas
  • Yucatan

In addition to these destinations, new ones will soon be added in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas; Uruapan, Michoacan; and Huatulco Oaxaca.

Why did Mexicana go out of business in 2010?

Mexicana had financial problems since 2009 because of an economic crisis and the decrease in flight frequency due to the influenza pandemic that same year.

The airline was forced to request a loan of 1 billion pesos, for which it left 9 of its newest aircraft as collateral.

By 2010, Mexicana de Aviación had an outstanding debt which made it difficult to pay the company’s workers.

After negotiations with the pilots and flight attendants’ union, a reduction in the number of workers on the ground was agreed upon.

Grupo Posadas, owner of the airline at the time, filed for insolvency proceedings against Mexicana on August 2 of the same year.

A week later, international organizations prevented it from selling tickets, so it had to gradually suspend operations.

On August 20, 95% of the company’s shares were sold to Tenedora K for a symbolic price of 1,000 Mexican pesos.

After this, the new owner sought alternatives to inject capital into the company, obtaining an investment of 10 million dollars. However, it was unable to continue operations due to Mexicana’s high debts.

Mexicana’s chances of flying again ended in 2014, when a federal magistrate declared the company bankrupt.

3. Connect by Aeromexico

connect aeromexico

This Aeromexico subsidiary, founded in 1988, currently has a fleet of 43 aircraft, its main airports are Mexico City and Monterrey.

Also part of the Sky Team group, Aeromexico Connect flies to 44 destinations in Mexico, 11 in the United States, and 5 in Central America and the Caribbean.

Connect covers regional and/or low-passenger volume routes with smaller aircraft operating every day.

4. Volaris

mexican airlines volaris

This is a low-cost airline founded in 2004, has a fleet of 112 aircraft, covers domestic and international routes and its airport hubs are Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Tijuana.

It currently has a subsidiary in El Salvador, Volaris connects with 69 destinations, 45 in Mexico, 21 in the United States, 1 in Central America, and 2 in South America.

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Volaris has a wide range of fares where passengers can choose what kind of luggage they want to carry and the service they need.

It is not considered an expensive airline, its food and beverage service is not free and it has a very complete menu on board with additional cost for the passenger.

Its most popular international routes are to the United States and Central America.

5. Viva Aerobus

viva aerobus

Viva Aerobus began operations in November 2006, has a fleet of 60 aircraft, and its main airport hub is in Monterrey.

It offers more than 130 routes to more than 40 destinations in Colombia, Cuba, the United States, and Mexico and is considered one of the cheapest Mexican airlines.

It boasts the youngest fleet in Latin America and has a wide range of fares to suit all budgets.

6. TAR

best mexican airlines

Transportes Aéreos Regionales (TAR) started operations on March 14, 2014, this airline services 19 airports in the country.

Its current fleet includes 20 Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft with a capacity of 50 passengers each; its main headquarters is in Santiago de Querétaro.

TAR offers mid-range rates and regional routes.

7. Magnicharters


Magnicharters was founded in Monterrey in 1994 with a fleet that includes 10 Boeing 737 aircraft.

Magnicharters connects 21 destinations in Mexico, 2 in the United States, and 1 in the Dominican Republic, its main hub is Mexico City.

It is Mexico’s tourist airline, selling airline tickets with affordable vacation packages.

8. Calafia Airlines

best mexican airlines

Calafia Airlines was founded in 1992, it became the first air cab airline founded in Los Cabos.

Calafia provides service connecting northern states with the Baja Peninsula.

It currently operates 6 Embraer, 2 EMB-120ER, and 4 145 aircraft and has service to 21 destinations, its headquarters is located in La Paz Baja California Sur.

Which is the best airline in Mexico?

If you are looking for premium service: Aeromexico. If you want Low Cost: Mexicana or Viva Aerobus. For executive service: Aeromar. Family vacation package: Magnicharters.

Which Mexican airlines have gone bankrupt?

Over the years, around 20 airlines have had to cease operations, the reasons are very different, but below I present the 10 most relevant:

  • Mexicana de Aviación: The oldest airline in Mexico provided its services from 1921 until August 28, 2010, when its subsidiaries Click and Link also ceased operations, it was considered one of the best airlines in Mexico (now back in the air again)
  • Interjet: Founded in 2005 by Miguel Alemán Magnani, it ceased operations in 2020, one of the latest airlines to close operations in Mexico
  • Aviacsa: Founded by the Chiapas government, it was in operation from 1988 to 2011
  • Transportes Aéreos Ejecutivos (TAESA): Emblematic airline of the ’90s, it was in operation from April 27, 1988, until it was declared bankrupt on February 21, 2000, TAESA is one of the most remembered names of Mexican airlines
  • Líneas Aéreas Azteca: Started operations in June 2001, until March 26, 2007, it had flights to the United States and Canada
  • Aero California: One of the most traditional airlines in Mexico, was founded in 1960 and maintained its operations until July 24, 2008, its main headquarters was in the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Aerolineas Internacionales: Better known as Aero Colibri, it was in operation from 1994 to 2003 and never had an international flight
  • Alma de Mexico: Alma had a brief existence from 2005 to 2008, its main headquarters was in Guadalajara, and it was one of the first companies to implement the Low-Cost concept in the country
  • Avolar: Like Alma, Avolar only operated from 2005 to 2008, its main headquarters was in Tijuana
  • Global Air: Founded in Guadalajara, remained in operation from 1990 to 2019, its operations ceased due to an accident of a leased plane in Cuba

Some of the previous ones were considered among the worst airlines in Mexico.

Best Mexican Airlines: Conclusion

In conclusion, as you plan your 2024 adventures in Mexico, the country’s aviation industry offers a diverse array of options to cater to your travel needs.

From world-renowned carriers to emerging players, Mexican airlines are committed to ensuring safe, comfortable, and enjoyable journeys.

Whether you prioritize affordability, luxury, or regional accessibility, the eight airlines highlighted in this blog post showcase the best of Mexico’s aviation landscape.

Consider the unique features, services, and destinations each airline provides, and make an informed decision based on your preferences and travel plans.

Whether you’re exploring the cultural richness of Mexico City, relaxing on the beaches of Cancun, or discovering the charm of lesser-known destinations, these airlines are ready to accompany you on your 2024 adventures.

Cheers to a year of exploration and cultural immersion with the best Mexican airlines by your side!

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