Madagascar Beach: Puerto Vallarta’s Best-Kept Secret Escape

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Madagascar is a beach in Puerto Vallarta that very few people know about.

Of extraordinary beauty, this small beach of low waves will make you feel like you are in a true wild paradise.

Ideal for relaxing while watching the swaying of the waves and appreciating the horizon where the sea converges harmoniously with the sky and the mountains.

All these features together make it an unparalleled spot to experience one of the most impressive unspoiled natural landscapes near Puerto Vallarta.

In addition, because of the colors and tranquility of its waters, as well as the rocks that visibly extend to the sea, this place is magnificent for snorkeling or paddleboarding, as well as yoga on the sand, activities that will put you in tune to be in communion with the rhythm and essence of this impressive place.

Likewise, traveling by yacht and mooring it in front of the coast will provide an incredible view of the green mountain full of lush trees.

How to get to Madagascar Beach (Playa Hacamiya)

Madagascar Beach is south of PV next to Las Gemelas, Colomitos, Las Animas, and Playa Caballo.

To visit Madagascar Beach there are only two ways to get there, the first one is by sea and the second one is following a hiking route that starts in Boca de Tomatlan and goes through Colomitos, Las Animas, and Playa Caballo until reaching Quimixto.

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In case of taking the maritime route, from Puerto Vallarta you can take a water cab to take you to Madagascar, the trip takes approximately 20 minutes.

Things to do in Playa Madagascar

In the following video, this couple drove from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan (about a 40-minute drive) and then followed the trail on foot. It is truly a wonderful experience.

As I mentioned before, the main activities here are snorkeling, paddleboarding, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach.

I recommend you bring snacks, drinks, snorkeling gear, towels, etc. as there are no restaurants or stores in the vicinity of Madagascar.

Also, this is a very clean beach so you should pick up your garbage or keep it until you find a trash can. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Madagascar Beach: Conclusion

   madagascar beach puerto vallarta

Surrounded by a tropical jungle, this beach offers its visitors golden sand and crystalline waters that adopt turquoise and deep blue tones.

The fact that its waves are gentle makes it an ideal destination for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

Although the most visited beaches in Puerto Vallarta are Playa Colomitos, Playa Palmares, and Playa Los Muertos, there are also secret paradises that few people know about and that are worth knowing before they become popular among the traveling community.

Such is the case of Playa Madagascar!

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