Mazamitla Magic: Exploring the Charms of Mexico’s Alpine Gem

mazamitla jalisco
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Mazamitla Magic: Exploring the Charms of Mexico’s Alpine Gem

The Magical Town of Mazamitla Jalisco, in the greenery and beauty of the Sierra del Tigre, awaits you with its beautiful and comfortable mountain cabins and all the charm of its cobblestone streets and village spaces.

Known by many as the “Mexican Switzerland,” Mazamitla boasts an excellent mountain climate all year round (almost 2300 a.s.l.) with cozy cabins that visitors fill up on weekends, mainly from Guadalajara.

In 2005, Mazamitla was incorporated into the system of Mexican Magical Towns because of its enchanting landscapes, ideal for rest and ecotourism.

How to get to Mazamitla Jalisco

Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, is 135 km from Mazamitla, traveling west of Lake Chapala.

The nearest international airport would be Guadalajara’s.

Leon Guanajuato is 251 km from the Magical Town, while Mexico City is 544 km away.


Locals and visitors enjoy an average temperature of 15° C.

From December to February, temperatures in Mazamitla are between 10 and 12° C. However, they can drop to as low as 4° C, while in the hottest months, from June to September, the temperature rarely rises above 20° C.

Rainfall reaches 975 mm per year, mainly between June and September.

When was Mazamitla founded?

The first records of Mazamitla date back to the 12th century, when it was part of the Aztec lordship of Tzapotlán.

Around 1481, the territory was invaded by the Purépechas, who ruled until 1510, when they were defeated by the Lordship of Colima and its allies.

The first Spanish conquistadors to arrive were Cristóbal de Olid and Juan Rodríguez de Villafuerte in 1522.

The Spanish crown delimited the area in 1537, with the name of San Cristóbal Mazamitla. In 1894, the state congress created the municipality.

Mazamitla Jalisco: TOP attractions

mazamitla jalisco
Source: Shava Cueva /

Mazamitla is the ideal place to stay in a cozy cabin with a fireplace in the heart of the Sierra del Tigre and appreciate the picturesque town and its beautiful surroundings.

The town’s attractions are its streets and houses, the San Cristóbal church, the José Parres Arias Municipal Plaza, and the La Zanja forest and park.

Nearby are the Jardín Encantado (Enchanted Garden) and hundreds of hectares of forest, with rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

Mazamitla is a lively town that highlights the Cultural Festival of Flowers.

Explore the town

mazamitla jalisco
Source: roman korzh /

Mazamitla, Jalisco, is a town of picturesque cobblestone streets and traditional houses where you can breathe fresh and healthy mountain air with delicate wood and pine tree scents.

The houses have extended eaves, white walls, red tile roofs, and wooden doors, some with beautiful balconies and fences.

Mazamitla instantly transports you back to times when life was not so rushed, and neighbors never missed an opportunity to share a cup of coffee, a snack, or chat about the latest event.

Admire the San Cristobal Parish

mazamitla jalisco mexico
Source: roman korzh /

This peculiar and attractive church of eclectic style, but with clear influences of Chinese architecture, was built in the mid-twentieth century.

It is white, and its façade features a semicircular arch, a choir window, and a large clock on the rectangular pediment.

The two twin towers are of three bodies and with conical tops. The tall columns and the colorful stained glass windows stand out in the three naves’ interior.

Stroll the Municipal Plaza of Mazamitla Jalisco

mazamitla jalisco
The Municipal square and the beautiful Kiosk – cultivar413 /

During your visit to Mazamitla Jalisco, you can’t miss the opportunity to spend some time in its main square, in the center of town.

It is named after José Parres Arias, an educator and cultural promoter native of Mazamitla, who was rector of the University of Guadalajara.

The square is beautifully wooded, with a nice kiosk and cafes to enjoy a pleasant time in its surroundings.

Some stores offer handcrafted products of the town, such as cheeses and other dairy products, sweets, and liquors.

Explore the Sierra del Tigre

sierra del tigre
Source: Gerus One /

The beautiful hills of the Sierra del Tigre, covered with oak, pine, Indian apple, pear, and capulin trees, protect the gorgeous town of Mazamitla.

From the summit of the sierra, at 2,800 meters above sea level, the views of the extensive landscapes are spectacular.

You will find picturesque cabins with fireplaces along the roads to stay in an environment of pure nature.

El Jardin Encantado (the enchanted garden)

mazamitla jalisco
Source: Morin RANGEL /

On the outskirts of Mazamitla, in the beautiful subdivision of Los Cazos, you will find this dreamlike garden full of greenery and color.

This wooded Eden is crossed by a small stream of crystalline water that runs between stone slabs while picturesque little bridges cross it.

On the sides are arranged cozy thatched kiosks in the middle of the lawn.

Visitors tour the large and beautiful garden on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, and even on ATVs, breathing fresh air and being enraptured by the landscape.

Admire Mazamitla’s “El Salto” waterfall

el salto waterfall
Source: Braulio Gomez /

The beautiful waterfall of El Salto, 36 meters high, is located in the Los Cazos subdivision within a private property, so you have to pay an entrance fee (about a dollar per person).

It is a place to stop to see and hear the waterfall, contrasting with the rocks and the greenery of the beautiful landscape.

The site offers horseback riding and has restroom service.

Along the road to the waterfall are beautiful cabins, with some displaying flags of European countries, making it clear why Mazamitla is called the Alps of Jalisco.

La Zanja forest

La Zanja is a beautiful town forest planted by the initiative of the municipality of Mazamitla in 1977.

The beautiful wooded park is dotted with paths, benches, and picturesque cabins, with grills for rent, ideal for spending a pleasant day with family or friends.

La Zanja Park is the scene of the traditional walk held on September 17 every year in Mazamitla as part of the Independence day festivities.

Can I take a tour with an operator?

mazamitla jalisco
Source: Andrea Aguirre /

Yes, Sierra Tour Mazamitla Adventure is a company that offers tours to the most exciting places in the Magical Town.

The tours include a specialized guide, drink cooler, traveler’s insurance, and tasting typical products such as punches and rompope.

The standard tour includes several stops along the way through the sierra for rest and photo sessions from the points with the best views, as well as educational and fun activities.


The operator Sierra Tour Mazamitla Adventure offers an ATV tour through selected routes to enjoy the fun of driving and the landscape’s beauty.

With this tour, you will have the privilege of getting to know places of complicated access, which average vehicles don’t reach.

You can choose between a one-hour or a two-hour tour.

They also have several combos in which you can choose a certain number of activities, such as zip line, hanging bridges, climbing wall, and gotcha.

Mazamitla’s Ecological park

16 km from Mazamitla is the Tierra Aventura Ecological Park, a space of more than 500 hectares with several amusements, such as zip lines for adults and children, a camping area, ATVs, horseback riding, and a barbecue and dining area.

The adult zip line is more than 1,000 meters long and is one of the longest in western Mexico. There is also a small waterfall.

Visit the trout hatchery

The rainbow trout has become one of the favorite species to farm in freshwater due to its delicate meat and the ease of raising it.

In Barranca Verde, Mazamitla, a rainbow trout hatchery supplies the fish to much of the region.

The hatchery is open to tourists, who can observe the trout breeding process, try to catch one, and buy a nice specimen to take with them if they are unlucky.

The operator Sierra Tour Mazamitla Adventure, offers a hatchery tour following the beautiful path parallel to the river’s course.

Festivals in Mazamitla Jalisco

mazamitla jalisco
Source: cultivar413 /

The wild poppy is the emblem of Mazamitla. Since 2007 a cultural festival dedicated to the local flora has been celebrated during the weekends of October, in which the beautiful flower plays the role of “patron saint.”

During three or four weekends, Mazamitla fills with visitors who come to admire the flower and handicraft exhibitions and to enjoy concerts, mariachis, callejoneadas, horseback riding, and other shows offered by the festival, with the poppy as the sovereign.

Apart from the patron saint festivities in honor of San Cristóbal, which take place around July 25, and the Cultural Festival of the Flowers, Mazamitla has other interesting festive events.

The rodeo festivities occur between February 14 and 24 and include bullfights, charrería shows, jaripeos, serenades, traditional dances, and a gastronomic fair.

The foundation of Mazamitla is remembered with another famous festival between March 27 and 30.

Get some handicrafts


Mazamitla’s artisans have turned the construction of miniature or small-scale wooden cabins and furniture into an art form.

They also make beautiful wooden chairs with seats and backs woven in ixtle and other confections with this natural fiber, as well as jorongos, serapes, leather huaraches, and delicately carved stonework.

The aromatic candles of Mazamitla are very appreciated.

Mazamitla’s gastronomy

mazamitla jalisco
Birria de Chivo (Goat stew) – Source: David Curry /

The local birria de chivo (goat stew) is a must!

Another popular dish in town is El Bote, a combination of three types of meat (beef, pork, and chicken) cooked in pulque with various vegetables such as corn, baby squash, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and serrano peppers.

Frijoles puercos (pork beans), made with pork rinds and sausage, cooked in pulque, are another typical dish.

Menguiche, mole de olla, and sweaty tacos are other delicacies. To drink, a fruit punch or atole de aguamiel is a must.

Bars and nightlife

Although most people go to Mazamitla to rest in a cabin and admire nature, you can go to a few places if you feel like a bit of bar time.

One of the most popular is Bar 11 a 11, located on Calle Miguel Hidalgo 1A.

The place is known for good service and excellent cocktails, especially the yerbabuenas, canijas, and micheladas.

It is also one of the few places in Mazamitla, if not the only one, that has karaoke.

Best hotels and cabins in Mazamitla Jalisco

mazamitla jalisco
Monteverde Cabins
  • Monteverde Hotel de Cabañas, between Chavarría and Constitución, in downtown Mazamitla, is praised for its first-class facilities and impeccable grounds
  • Hotel Huerta Real has a series of cabins situated on the edge of a beautiful orchard, about a 10-minute walk from downtown Mazamitla
  • Hotel Bosque Escondido, at Vista Nevada 100 in the Pueblo Bonito subdivision, is in the middle of a forest ideal for walking and is praised for the exquisiteness of its cuisine
  • Villas Mazamitla has comfortable cabins and a lake for trout fishing on the Guadalajara highway, a half km from the town’s entrance

Best Western Sierra Mazamitla, Hotel Sierra Paraíso, Casa Rural Mazamitla, and Cabañas Sierra Vista are excellent lodging options as well.

Best Restaurants

  • GIGI’s Restaurant, in Rancho Epenche Grande, is an excellent place to warm up with a soup in Mazamitla. It is such a special place that some people from Guadalajara go there to eat and return on the same day
  • Restaurante La Troje, on Calle Galeana, offers typical regional food and has live music
  • La Posada Alpina, near the main square, serves Mexican and international food

Other good options are Quinta del Bosque, Antigua Europa, and Guinumo.

Tour the Municipal Market (El Mercado)

municipal market
Find the best Mexican Candies at the Municipal Market – Source:Popoya-oya /

Mazamitla’s Municipal Market, located between Galeana and Allende st, is a clean place where you can eat tasty food at affordable prices.

It is a two-story building in which the first floor is used for stalls selling vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, meats, and other products.

On the second level are small restaurants, where you can order a snack or a complete meal.

Ready to head to Mazamitla to light the fireplace in a charming cabin and enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery?

I hope you come back from Mazamitla fully recharged and that you can tell us about your experiences there. Vamonos!

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