Under the Mexican Stars: 16 Dreamy Camping Destinations

camping in mexico
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Under the Mexican Stars: 16 Dreamy Camping Destinations

Camping in Mexico is common for those who like eco-tourism and adventure activities.

Although there are many places in Mexico where you can practice this fantastic “hobby,” I will try and stick with the most popular ones and highly rated by visitors.

Whether in the mountains, the forest, or the beach, do not hesitate to enjoy these beautiful places and be in contact with nature.

I will now show you what I think are the best camping sites in Mexico. Let’s begin!

16 top Camping Areas In Mexico: Forests and Mountains

1. Queretaro’s Sierra Gorda

camping in mexico
Chuveje Waterfall in Sierra Gorda Queretaro – Source: KariCoss / shutterstock.com

Cuatro Palos is an unbeatable site in the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro for those who like camping.

You will find one of the best places to camp in Mexico in the most prominent part of the sierra.

You’ll connect with nature and embrace its mystical experience, full of mist and wild aromatic scents.

You can observe this gift of nature from the Media Luna hill in its fullness.

At about 2700 meters above sea level, you can set up your tent in a place called El Observatorio.

I advise you to hire a local guide for safety, as they know the roads and trails to perfection.

Once in this area of the Queretaro highlands, take the opportunity to visit El Puente de Dios and the Chuveje Waterfall, two beautiful places to camp, among other landscapes that the Sierra Gorda of Queretaro offers you for eco-tourism.

2. Las Palomas Natural Reserve, Guanajuato

camping in mexico

This place is mainly an oak forest, a natural reserve that offers you a place for camping with a genuinely enviable climate.

You can go hiking and trekking. One of the attractions is the observation of typical birds of the region and some that migrate.

It is ideal for visiting and being close to nature, forgetting stress, and practicing eco-tourism activities.

The park’s excellent service makes it a great option for camping in Mexico. You can easily travel to Guanajuato City or the nearby Magical Town of Dolores Hidalgo.

3. Avándaro, State of Mexico

camping in mexico
Avandaro’s “Velo de Novia” Waterfall – source: Jorge Bernal Garcia / shutterstock.com

Although the lake of Avándaro and its colorful social life attract much tourist activity, there are also areas for eco-tourism, especially camping sites.

A 35-meter waterfall called Velo de Novia (Bridal Veil), surrounded by pine and oyamel forests, is ideal for camping.

It has barbecue services; you can swim, jet-skiing, and horseback riding.

Camping in Avándaro is ideal for a family atmosphere and enjoying nature and its surroundings.

4. El Chico National Park, Hidalgo

camping in mexico
Impressive views from El Chico – Source: Santiago Castillo Chomel / shutterstock.com

This fabulous camping park offers greater security, making it one of Mexico’s safest and most beautiful places to camp.

It comprises 2739 hectares of natural beauty. You can practice mountain climbing, hiking, rappelling, photographing the unique rock formations, and enjoy a family environment.

In addition to the above eco-tourism and camping activities, you can visit the Magical Town of Real del Monte, where you will appreciate its beautiful architecture and mining traditions.

As you can see, this is one of the most complete camping destinations in Mexico that you can consider for your next vacation.

Don’t forget to dress warmly; it can get really cold here.

5. San Pedro Martir National Park, Baja California

camping in mexico
Cabin and forest in San Pedro Martir National Park, Baja California, Mexico – Source: Adriana Margarita Larios Arellano / shutterstock.com

This park is a Natural Reserve formed mainly by coniferous forests. For safety reasons, it has a camping area that is open only when it is not snowing.

San Pedro Martir is about 70 km from the coastal town of San Felipe.

It is one of the most natural camping experiences and one of the few camping areas in Mexico with these conditions since there are no services, but you will have a more direct connection with nature in exchange.

You can do hiking activities and flora and fauna observation. If conditions permit, you can visit the National Astronomical Observatory.

Don’t forget to bring enough supplies, as the nearest town is a couple of hours away.

6. San Nicolás Totolapan Nature Reserve, Mexico City

camping in mexico san nicolas

You wouldn’t think that within Mexico City, there is a camping area. Well, yes, there is.

In San Nicolás Totolapan, you will find a nature reserve like an oasis within the city.

It has had a large green space for camping since 1998 with respect for the environment, surrounded by large pine trees.

Having all the services makes it a great alternative among camping sites in Mexico.

With spectacular views, you can go hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking at the foot of the Cerro del Ajusco.

At nightfall, you can make bonfires and carry out camping activities and games that involve the walkers.

7. The Huasteca Potosina: One of the best places for camping in Mexico

It is the home of the acclaimed Grutas de Tolantongo and one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, where you can enjoy the best eco-tourism and adventure activities.

In the municipality of Tamasopo, in “Las Cascadas de Tamasopo,” you can enjoy a camping area and refresh in the crystal clear water pools.

This same region offers a camping area in “El Puente de Dios,” a paradisiacal place where natural formations delight its visitors as the tones of its waters change in the different pools.

La Cascada de Minas Viejas and La Cascada de Micos are in the waterfalls or turquoise route, where you can go camping and enjoy eco-tourism in Mexico.

Undoubtedly, the Huasteca Potosina offers many terrific destinations, although camping is not allowed in some of them.

Given its traditions and typical food, this region is one of the best destinations for camping in Mexico.

8. Peña de Lobos Natural Reserve, State of Mexico

camping in mexico

In addition to protecting nature and the richness of its species, this Natural site has several areas for camping, where you can perform various activities, such as hiking trips to the Devil’s Backbone, waterfalls, and nightly campfires.

9. Tepoztlan Mountains, Morelos

camping in mexico
El Tepozteco National Park and Canyon – Source: Authentic travel / shutterstock.com

Within Tepoztlan, the Meztitla National Park is the scout camping school.

It is an incredible place to camp in Mexico since it is located near the Cerro del Tepozteco, where you can climb to the top.

In addition, you have other activities such as rappelling in El Dado and El Dadito.

Another activity offered by the park is hiking and visiting an area of cave paintings on one of the nearby hills.

Best Camping Beaches in Mexico

1. Boca Paila, Quintana Roo

camping in mexico
Aerial view of Boca Paila – Source: Gabriel Ugalde / shutterstock.com

Between the Caribbean Sea and Muyil, there is a destination for camping in Mexico in the middle of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Very close to Tulum (a must-visit), where the sunsets, and the white sand, make adventurers fall in love with so much magic.

You can practice sports fishing, diving, or just walking.

Boca Paila has fishers’ camps where you can get some services, but you won’t be disappointed if camping is your thing.

2. Beaches of Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

vamonos to mexico
Source: lunamarina / shutterstock.com

The beach, jungle, cenotes, and mangroves make Puerto Morelos one of the most incredible places to camp in Mexico.

With beaches, you can pitch your tent, watch sunsets, practice reef diving, snorkel, and canoe. The experience that the entire region offers is unparalleled.

Visiting the town is a must, with markets, plazas, bars, and restaurants.

There is also the attraction of touring it since it has been transformed from a fishing village to a place where painters, writers, and artisans make the source of their inspiration.

3. Camping in Maruata Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Maruata Bay – Source: Carlos Garrigos Saucedo / shutterstock.com

Michoacan beaches have gained fame for their beauty and tranquility.

Maruata is one of these beaches perfect for camping, either under palapas or along the beach. Locals offer food and essential services. You’ll love it!

4. Erendira Beach, Baja California

erendira beach

Baja California’s coasts offer many places to enjoy the sea, and Playa Erendira is no exception.

Only 85 km from Ensenada, Playa Erendira is ideal if you like to be away from civilization.

Here you will enjoy starry nights; there are no basic services, so if you go camping, you must provide yourself with the necessary.

The main activities are bird watching, whale watching (between November and April), and sea lions.

5. Camping in Yelapa Mexico

camping in mexico
Source: Chris Howey / shutterstock.com

Yelapa is a perfect place to camp in Mexico, offering various adventure activities.

Visiting the waterfall, a 15-minute walk away and 30 meters high, is a great surprise.

But nothing beats watching humpback whales singing and jumping (November-April) in the bay from your campsite—hiking and exploring the jungle complement the activities in this excellent camping destination in Mexico.

Other Cool Destinations for Camping in Mexico

1. Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila

vamonos to mexico
Freshwater Stromatolite Reef in Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila Mexico – Source: Olin Feuerbacher / shutterstock.com

This place with desert-like characteristics in its surroundings is one of the most special and “different” places for camping in Mexico.

It is a valley with water mirrors, subway rivers, springs, and lakes. The reflection of the stars on the water is an unforgettable spectacle.

Cuatro Cienegas has the most endemic species and incredible biodiversity.

It is a surreal camping destination in Mexico because of the contrast between the desert and the cienegas. You can camp at the mesquite river resort.

2. Camping in Mexico at the Granada Waterfalls, Guerrero

camping in mexico

This eco-tourism area is another excellent place to camp in Mexico, as it offers a variety of eco-tourism and adventure activities.

You can camp anywhere in the park; the nights and the sounds of nature are incredible.

One activity is rappelling down the waterfalls, where you can explore a subway river and a cave about 150 meters deep.

A perfect route is the tour of the five waterfalls by mountain bike. But if you want to relax, swimming in the different water mirrors will amaze you with their intense colors.

I hope you enjoyed this article and decided on your next camping adventure in Mexico.

Of course, if possible, try them all! Don’t forget to share your comments below. See you next time. Vamonos!

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