Fishing Fiesta: Mexico’s Top Saltwater and Freshwater Picks

fishing in mexico
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Fishing Fiesta: Mexico’s Top Saltwater and Freshwater Picks

If you’re planning on fishing in Mexico on your next vacation, you have come to the right spot.

There are many places where sport fishing is allowed. Thanks to the vast coastline of the Mexican geography, many islands, rivers, lakes and lagoons, and various bodies of water are found in the country.

Sport fishing is an activity that can be done alone or in a group, either for leisure or competition.

Currently, there are several fishing techniques, and many competitions take place in rivers, lagoons, seashores, and the open sea.

Fishing in Mexico: Saltwater and Freshwater Destinations

Fishing in the Cozumel Channel, Mexico

fishing in mexico
Source: ArnoldMP /

The Cozumel Channel is a strait between the mainland and the island of Cozumel. Therefore, it is used as a migratory route by large fish.

It is one of the best places to fish in Mexico, thanks to its beautiful scenery and warm beaches.

The best fishing season in this destination is between April and June.

Species: Sailfish, blue marlin, tuna, swordfish, barracudas, bonito, dorado and mojarra.

Banderas Bay, Nayarit

best fishing destinations in mexico
Punta Mita harbor in Banderas Bay – Source: Ute /

Nayarit has places full of magic to make you fall in love with them. It is also one of the favorite destinations for those who love fishing.

The best option for fishing in Nayarit is Banderas Bay, considered (after Los Cabos) one of the best places for fishing in Mexico and the world.

Species: Lemon fish, blue marlin, striped marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, snapper, and wahoo.

Los Cabos: The premier fishing destination in Mexico

For a good reason, Los Cabos has positioned itself as one of Mexico’s most visited and desired tourist destinations.

It is located in the extreme south of Baja California Sur. It has enchanting beaches, delicious gastronomy, natural monuments, and incomparable landscapes. Just seeing them makes you want to visit this beautiful paradise.

This is also the most popular place for fishing tournaments in Mexico.

Even long before it became a favorite destination for tourists who visit it for its beauty, fishing enthusiasts have already gathered here to test their skills.

Los Cabos boasts the “Marlin Capital of the World” title and is ranked as one of the five best fishing destinations.

In fact, the famous Bisbee’s Tournament is held here every year between the 19th and 23rd of October.

Species: Swordfish, tuna, sea bass, dorado, mackerel, sawfish, and roosterfish are the most common varieties that inhabit these waters.

Boca del Río, Veracruz

fishing in mexico
Source: UliGomez94 /

Boca del Rio, in Veracruz, is considered a paradise for sport fishing thanks to its privileged location, where the river and sea fauna converge.

If you are one of those who like fishing challenges, you will undoubtedly have a great time in Boca del Rio.

Along its 15 kilometers of beach, you can find a diversity of fish.

If you are visiting and you are a tourist, you can go to any fishmonger in the center of town, where they can help you line up and grill or fry your proud catch.

Species: Snapper, snook, jack mackerel, cusk, tarpon, mare, grunt, catfish, flag catfish, and trout, among others.

Puerto Morelos, Riviera Maya

fishing in mexico
Source: lunamarina /

You will find excellent places to fish throughout the Riviera Maya, as in Puerto Morelos—a small fishing village between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

It has several places that offer fishing excursions, such as Lighthouse Tours, Marina La Bonita, and Snorkeling Puerto Morelos, among others.

Species: Marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, barracuda, and yellowfin tuna, among others.

Fishing in Holbox Island, Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Source: darioayala /

The Holbox Island, in Quintana Roo, is another excellent option for sport fishing fans.

Fishing on the beach at the end of the day and sharing stories of eternal searches for the biggest fish are daily life in this destination.

This island offers “Pesca ribereña,” a small fishing activity close to Holbox’s shores.

Also, there is master fishing or deep sea fishing, made only for the true lovers of this activity.

Species: Smedregal, cubera, sailfish, wahoo, coronado, barracuda and dorado.

7 Freshwater fishing destinations near Mexico City

If you’re looking for places to go fishing near Mexico City, I’ll share some options to plan your next trip to the big city.

Look at these places and choose the ideal one for your next freshwater fishing outing.

Remember that you’ll also find ecotourism activities and places to reconnect with nature.

So take advantage of your trip and tour these incredible places. Let’s begin:

Trout fishing in Huasca de Ocampo, Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Source: Arturo Verea /

The Bosque de las Truchas is located in the Magical Town of Huasca de Ocampo.

This park awakens the curiosity of its visitors to discover more about the immense landscape it offers.

Huasca de Ocampo is the first Magical Town in Mexico and one of the most beautiful. Here you will find this eco-park and trout farm.

Ideal for those who love fish and nature. In this place, you can buy food to feed the fish and rent your fishing rod in the trout lake.

If you catch something, you can ask for it to be prepared.

Species: Trout

Lagunas de Zempoala, Morelos

fishing in mexico
Source: Oliver Ramos /

Lagunas de Zempoala National Park is a protected area home to oyamel, pine, and oak trees.

This beautiful place is ideal for disconnecting from the daily routine and getting in touch with nature.

Here you will find the seven famous Zempoala Lakes: Ompila, Seca, Prieta, Ocoyotongo, Quila, Hueyapan, and Tonatihua.

The whole area covers more than five thousand hectares of the forest!

If you have pets, you can bring them! The space is enormous, so your furry companions will never get bored.

Species: Trout and carp

El Oro, State of Mexico

fishing in mexico
Source: Marco Ortiz-MOF /

The State of Mexico is home to this unmistakable magical town, famous for its beautiful natural resources and large lakes.

I’m talking about El Oro, a town only two and a half hours from the capital.

Here you can practice sport fishing in the Brockman and Victoria lagoons and other recreational activities, among which horseback riding and boat trips stand out.

Do you dare to visit this place? Take advantage of your trip and stroll through the town’s picturesque spots.

Please get to know its mining tradition, and let yourself be pampered by the smell of cedar and pine in its extensive forests.

Freshwater fishing in Tequesquitengo, Mexico

vamonos to mexico
Source: Arturo Verea /

This destination south of Cuernavaca is perfect for a short trip from the big city.

In addition to fishing for huro and mojarra, you can practice scuba diving and other activities such as water skiing, boat rides, and kayaking.

Take the plunge to this incredible spot in Tequesquitengo and enjoy its warm climate, or try the extreme activities that characterize this destination, such as skydiving or hot air ballooning.

Corral de Piedra Eco-tourism Park

The State of Mexico is also home to this natural space in Amanalco.

This wooded region is protected by an Otomi community that uses the resources sustainably and is environmentally friendly.

During the summer, in the lake area of this community, you can practice fishing and kayaking.

Take advantage of your visit to the area and get ready for bird watching, night tours to see fireflies (during July and August), and take photos of rare wild mushrooms.

The Llano Dam in Villa del Carbon

fishing in mexico
Source: Alex Bordeline /

Only 48 km from Mexico City is the Magical Town of Villa del Carbon in the State of Mexico.

Besides offering beautiful colonial landscapes and a delicious rompope, this place has a wide range of fishing activities.

Specifically, in the Presa del Llano (llano dam), you will find beautiful springs, barbecue grills, and spaces for camping.

Try a horseback or boat ride, practice hiking, and cool off in their many splash pools.

El Pedregal Ranch

If you want to visit a destination dedicated to fishing, I recommend you visit Rancho El Pedregal.

It is an ecotourism center located on the slopes of the Xinantécatl volcano, known as Nevado de Toluca.

In this place, trouts are farmed so visitors can practice sport fishing in an ideal space.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Mexico?

Yes. You do need a fishing license regardless of age and nationality.

However, you don’t need to worry about it since the fishing licenses are included in your fishing tour.

But if you own or rent a boat or yacht, you must check with the local authorities to pay the fees.

Cost and documents will vary depending on where you go fishing in Mexico. But it’s pretty straightforward. In fact, you can now do it online.

You need to provide your name and home address and pay the fee. For instance, the cost of a fishing license in Los Cabos is as follows:

  • Per day: 12 USD
  • Per week: 24 USD
  • Per month: 33 USD
  • Per year: 43 USD

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