Michoacan’s Coastal Charms: The 16 Best Beaches for Your Bucket List

michoacan beaches
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Michoacan’s Coastal Charms: The 16 Best Beaches for Your Bucket List

When people think about visiting Mexico, the gorgeous Michoacan beaches are probably the last thing that comes to mind (if at all).

However, it is now getting the attention of tourists for its paradisiac nature and welcoming climate.

Although the natural attraction of these beaches is that you can find and help protect turtles at risk of extinction.

If you’re unfamiliar with the state of Michoacan, it is located on the western coast of Mexico.

It lies between the Lerma and Balsas rivers, Lake Chapala, and borders Jalisco, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Mexico City, Guerrero, Colima, and the Pacific Ocean.

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into it and show you what these magical beaches are all about.

16 Top Michoacan beaches

1. Playa Azul Michoacan

vamonos to mexico
Sunset in Playa Azul Michoacan – Source: SL-Photography / shutterstock.com

Of all the beaches in Michoacan, I think the most beautiful is Playa Azul for its tranquility, visual beauty, and activities, which will make you have a great vacation.

Also, you can find hotels in Playa Azul Michoacan for all budgets.

But if your thing is to coexist with nature, there is the option of camping or renting a bungalow.

The average temperature is 28 °C, perfect to enjoy this place.

In addition, you can do activities such as surfing, visiting the wetlands, watching the sunset from the boat “El Betula” or any other tour.

Finally, something that characterizes this beach is the protection of sea turtles, which is why they hold the Sea Turtle Festival and Exposition in October. It is an experience you have to live.

2. Tortuga Beach

If you’re looking for economic Michoacan beaches that are almost virgin, this is the place to enjoy the tranquility and nature that Playa Tortuga offers.

However, as it is a very private place, you will not find lodging. The best option is to stay in hotels in the communities near the beach.

The nearest place to stay is in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan

On the other hand, if you are a globetrotter and like adventure, you can camp on the beach without any problem.

3. Maruata Beach, Michoacan

Although not the best beach, it is the most visited in Michoacan.

Cell phone signal does not reach the beach, which makes it perfect for getting away from the stress of the city and disconnecting from the world.

Enjoy the flamingos, pelicans, white herons, and stargazing at night.

Also, you will find food for sale with rich local seasoning and palapas that provide hammocks to make your visit more comfortable.

The nearest place to stay is in Caleta de Campos, Michoacan

As for the activities in Maruata Michoacan, you can take boat rides to nearby beaches, hike to a small town or visit a nudist bay.

4. La Llorona Beach

Playa la Llorona (crying beach) Michoacan is characterized by rock formations that make the breakwater effect that causes a slight breeze that resembles a “cry.”

It is a unique place for observing marine birds since its formations give refuge to diverse species.

You can also stay in the camping area, where you will find bathrooms and showers for men and women.

During the day, you will find palapas that you can rent, and food will not be a problem, there are places to eat nearby, or you can walk around town.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, I advise you to bring your food, drinks, etc., as prices can be high in some establishments.

5. Pichilinguillo Beach

michoacan beaches
Pichilinguillo Beach Michoacan – Source: stacyarturogi / shutterstock.com

Not many tourists know of this beach, but it is a true turquoise-blue water paradise.

Here you can swim or snorkel to admire hawksbill and black turtles, octopus, starfish, clownfish, and even humpback whales (during the season).

If you’re looking for hotels, you will find some here and camping sites on the shore and ocean-side cabins.

6. Palma Sola Michoacan

michoacan beaches
Palma Sola Beach – Source: Kessar / shutterstock.com

Palma Sola Michoacan is ideal for relaxing and offers a pleasant climate all year round and calm crystalline waters where you can perform various activities.

Also, you can see crabs all over the area and hire a boat tour to observe the richness of the ocean. 

There is also a restaurant with fresh seafood and yummy cocktails—an excellent relaxing option.

7. Eréndira Beach, one of the most visited Michoacan beaches

playa erendira

This beach is near the port of Lazaro Cardenas, where you will find beautiful landscapes and a constant swell that invites adventure tourism.

The activities you can do here are fishing, diving, waterfalls, windsurfing, and ecotourism tours that you will find all over the island.

Find places to stay in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan

It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Michoacan, where you can recharge your energy and healthily release stress.

8. Las Brisas Beach

Golden sand and turquoise water, with beautiful sunsets, is what awaits you in Las Brisas, another option for total relaxation.

If you look for lodging in San Juan de Alima, you will find the 4-star hotel “Brisas de Verano,” with an ocean view, pool, and restaurant.

As for activities, there is not much to do as it is a beach to relax with a walk along its long, flat shore.

9. Caleta de Campos Beach

michoacan beaches
Source: tete Anguiano / flickr.com

Also known as Bufadero Bay, it is located on highway 209 Lázaro Cárdenas- Manzanillo, perfect to enjoy with the family.

As for its crystal clear water, you can enjoy surfing or diving in the artificial reef “Buque Hundido.”

Check for a place to stay in Caleta de Campos, Michoacan

A characteristic feature is the color of the sand which resembles gold dust when the sun rises.

To spend the night, you can book bungalows overlooking the sea. Also, you will find a variety of restaurants.

10. Colola Beach

Cleanliness describes this beach perfectly. It is also where the leatherback, olive ridley, and black turtles prefer to lay their eggs.

If you want to spend the night a few meters from the sea, you will find cabins with unique views; also a food area, and a souvenir shop.

It is an excellent option to visit, as it is comfortable and quiet. Remember to do responsible tourism to continue conserving these natural treasures.

11. El Bejuco Beach

On this beach, it is very common to find bejuco plants; hence its name, something that distinguishes it is the urban art that decorates the streets with murals in bright colors.

You can find various restaurants in the area offering a rich and fresh menu for lunch.

Another attraction of El Bejuco is the night. You can admire the stars while camping on the beach.

The safety and being aware that you should only swim until 6:00 p.m. when the tide comes in is worth mentioning. 

12. Beaches of Aquila

Source: El Robert Mx / shutterstock.com

A coastal municipality that gathers beaches such as La Ticla, Colola, and El Faro de Bucerias, to mention a few, because its extension is quite broad.

In addition, you can enjoy activities such as surfing, sport fishing, boat rides, or watching turtles being released. A very emotional experience indeed.

13. Las Peñas Beach

Are relaxation and adventure what you’re looking for? Then you will love Las Peñas because its natural rock formations make it unique.

On the other hand, every year, they hold a gastronomic festival where they prepare the most famous dishes of the restaurants located in Michoacan, such as shrimp roasted in mangrove wood and lobster with garlic and butter, to name a few.

But it is not all about eating; there are cultural and sporting events, painting and photography exhibitions, and sand sports tournaments.

14. El Faro de Bucerías Beach

vamonos to mexico
The lighthouse of Bucerias Beach – Source: Ivan Lomeli / shutterstock.com

It is surrounded by mountains, rocks, and islets adorned by the sea’s beautiful intense blue and turquoise color.

This has made it famous for being one of the few places to give you a visual treat like this beach.

Ideal for traveling as a couple or with friends, because you will find cabins for two people and if you go in a group the camping area will be perfect, it offers showers, bathrooms for men and women and seashore tables.

Also, remember that some areas are unsafe for swimming because of the waves or steepness, and there is no internet or network service.

15. El Túnel Beach

A beach with deep, cold, clear waters and no waves makes it an excellent place for kayaking or diving.

It has a diversity of fish to admire and practice fishing if you have the right equipment.

For lodging, you will find hotels with beautiful and comfortable accommodations; there is also a place where you can camp with essential services.

Also, you will find restaurants that offer an exquisite menu, but above all, fresh.

Remember not to use sunscreen, as it contaminates flora and fauna of Michoacan beaches.

16. Ixtapilla, another of Michoacan’s famous beaches

michoacan beaches
Source: ensary / shutterstock.com

Located in the municipality of Aquila is Ixtapilla, one of Michoacán’s beaches where you can admire leatherback and olive ridley turtles.

I recommend seeing it between June and November since they go to the sandy beach to lay their eggs.

But that’s not the only thing that makes it enchanting since the ochre color of the sand and its moderate waves make it perfect for the family.

To spend the night, you can camp on the beach at no cost or get one of the few cabins at Campamento Tortuguero.

Remember that it is not luxurious lodging but is certainly comfortable and convenient.

Also, you can do ecological work in the camp participating in night patrols to collect turtle eggs.

To get there by car, you must take Federal Highway 200, which runs along the Pacific coast.

Another way is the bus that leaves from the Tecoman, Colima, or Manzanillo route and drops you off right in front of the Campamento Tortuguero.

Which is the closest beach to Morelia, Michoacan?

michoacan beaches morelia
Downtown Morelia – Source: Suil Torres / flickr.com

The closest beach to the capital of Michoacán is “Playa Maruata,” which is approximately 7 hours away by car.

Find the best places to stay in Morelia, Michoacan

Michoacan is a state full of culture, gastronomy, traditions, and natural beauty that you must visit; its semi-virgin beaches are wonders that you can find in very few places. Vamonos!

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  1. Hey Joel –
    Thanks for this article! It has been extremely helpful as we prepare for our Michoacan beach vacation this February.
    Quick question though – where is Tortuga Beach? It sounds amazing based on your description, but I’m a little confused. Other websites and map searches suggest it is very close to Playa Azul. But your site says “The nearest place to stay is in Caleta de Campos, Michoacan,” which is not very close to Playa Azul at all. Its not near Playa Huahua, is it? Can you help me??
    Also – if you had to put only 3 beaches on your must-see list, which 3 would it be?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Devin,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for pointing this out!

      You’re right, Caleta de Campos is actually on the other end of the map. What I meant was LAZARO CARDENAS. That would be your nearest spot for lodging and stuff. It’s only about 15 minutes to Tortuga Beach, next to Erendira Beach.

      As for the 3 top beaches there, I would say #1 Maruata, #2 Playa Azul, and #3 Playa Tortuga.

      I hope you have a great time, stay safe!

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