Mexico’s Top Nude Beaches and Resorts: Sun, Sand, and Skin

best nude beaches in mexico
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Mexico’s Top Nude Beaches and Resorts: Sun, Sand, and Skin

Looking for a nude beach in Mexico? Look no further; in today’s article, I will discuss some of the best nude beach destinations for your enjoyment. Stay tuned!

It’s no secret that nudism in Mexico is not very popular; not even topless is as common as in some European countries.

However, it is possible to find at least six good beaches in Mexico where you can enjoy the sea as you came to this world.

Likewise, you can also find hotels with small private beaches, accommodations, and services promoting nudism. I will talk more about them below.

Is nudity allowed on Mexican beaches?

For the most part, no. Nudity is not officially allowed on Mexican beaches.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned before, there are a few exceptions.

And that is why it’s essential to know which places you can visit if walking naked along the beach is your thing, without getting in trouble, of course.

In the following list, I will point out the most popular adults-only hotels followed by the top “legal” destinations where you can practice nudism. Let’s begin!

Top 5 nudist hotels in Mexico

The following properties are located on some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Choose your favorite.

You may be looking for hotels with a different concept; you may want to spend a romantic weekend or try a different experience than usual.

Whatever your preference, these nudist hotels offer you clothing-optional lodging options.

Regardless of your beach choice, you will always have the option to take off your clothes (or what little you wear on the beach) and enjoy a completely different vacation.

1. Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club

top nude beaches in mexico
Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club

As I mentioned before, Zipolite, Oaxaca, is considered the main nude beach in Mexico.

The Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club features modern decor with thatched roofs; right in front of Zipolite Bay.

Free Wi-Fi, a beach area, a beach club with a DJ every day, and a chic restaurant serving yummy local specialties are some of the Hotel’s amenities.

There’s also a nice SPA with all the amenities and Yoga on the premises. The staff is comprised of mostly local friendly and warm people.

The Ventanilla Lagoon is about 9 km away where crocodiles and birds can be seen; also, the Mazunte Turtle Museum is only 5 km away.

2. Temptation Cancun Resort

best nude beaches mexico
naked beaches mexico

Yes, the Mexican Caribbean is a true paradise everywhere you look.

Cancun has several incredible beaches, nightlife, and much more in conjunction with this nice topless beach resort.

At the Temptation Cancun Resort, you can eat at SHE, the aphrodisiac menu restaurant exclusively for couples.

3. Azulik Tulum

nude beaches in mexico

The Azulik Resort is an adults-only resort located in Tulum.

It has 15 rustic villas of fine wood, hanging beds, and wooden tubs that visitors enjoy.

Nudism is optional, but you almost feel obligated to do it because you are totally connected with nature.

4. Hidden Beach Resort

best nude beaches in mexico
Private beach-front cabins

This resort is in the Riviera Maya and is mainly a nudist concept.

The Hidden Beach Resort is located between Tulum and Cancun, so you can connect with nature.

It has 42 oceanfront suites, gourmet cuisine, and several complementary activities.

5. Desire Riviera Maya Resort

nude beaches in mexico

The only resort in Mexico exclusively for couples with an Optional Clothing concept.

If you want to enjoy an incredible stay with your partner, I recommend enjoying its sensual atmosphere and fun theme parties every night.

Click here to get the best rates at the Desire Riviera Maya Resort.

Top 6 nude beaches in Mexico

1. Nude beach in Maruata Michoacan, Mexico

nude beach mexico
Maruata beach in Michoacan

Although it is not officially recognized as a nudist beach, Maruata receives very few visitors, and those who choose to enjoy the day without clothes have no problem.

With over 2 km of secluded beaches, you can find a place to relax and take advantage of the area’s excellent climate.

Some choose to camp, and others spend the day. Either way, you will discover a treasure of nature where the sea has calm waves in certain areas (and others not so much).

You will also find small islands very close to the coast, which you can venture to visit.

The rock formations here are also attractive and often serve as a shelter to avoid the sun.

You will also be able to see birds such as white herons, vultures, flamingos, ibis, gulls, and pelicans.

This destination is magical; you must check it out and enjoy a unique nudist experience.

2. Sonrisa Beach, Quintana Roo

sonrisa beach cancun
nude beaches mexico

Another alternative that makes the perfect nude beach in Mexico is this beautiful cove located in the Xcalak Reefs, about 70 km from Mahahual.

As its name suggests, “Sonrisa” (smile), you only need your smile to enjoy it.

That is the locals’ motto, recognizing it as a beach to enjoy without a bathing suit. The beauty of the place is indescribable, and the sea is a dream.

The stunning nature and the town’s peace are part of the charms that will make you fall in love.

Access to the beach can be a little tricky since you must cross a dirt road.

But it will be well worth it to arrive and enjoy a true paradise, peace, and tranquility, nature in its maximum expression, you will not regret.

3. Matanchen Bay, Nayarit

nude beach mexico

A unique place, ideal for leaving modesty aside and going for a walk without any clothes.

This virgin beach is 60 minutes away from Nayarit’s capital, Tepic.

It is 7 km long and about 30 meters wide; because it’s part of a bay, you will find a sea of calm waters to relax and have a pleasant moment.

It is not officially a nudist beach since families occasionally go there.

Still, many sectors are more solitary and intimate, and the possibility of enjoying sunbathing and swimming naked is tolerated well.

The beauty of the place invites you to take walks on the beach, practice water sports, and enjoy the local cuisine that promises to delight you with local specialties such as fish zarandeado.

4. Zipolite, Oaxaca: The preferred nude beach in Mexico

Zipolite is, perhaps, the most popular nude beach in Mexico.

It has been part of the limited list of beaches to enjoy naked for many years.

The municipal government also recognized it as a place where nudism is allowed.

You can find it on the Mexican Pacific coast, 50 km from Huatulco and 6 km from Mazunte, or you can also get there from Puerto Escondido, about 70 km away.

The beach is almost 3 km long with a somewhat rough sea but suitable for a dip.

If you are adventurous, go surfing and enjoy magical sunsets.

At night, relax by a bonfire; the sound of the batucada and the sea in the background is a plus that gives you this beautiful place.

5. Secreto Beach, Guerrero

nude beach mexico
Sunset at Playa Secreto

You can also swim naked on this beautiful beach in the Bay of Santa Lucia, Acapulco.

Here you can enjoy nudism without complexes.

It is an almost virgin place, with very few visitors due to its somewhat remote location.

You will have to take two boats, one to the Roqueta and the other to this beach.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and a calm sea that invites you to swim, it is a treasure of nature where you can get a perfect tan.

If you like snorkeling, there are areas where you can practice, and on the other hand, the views of the surroundings are another wonder to admire and enjoy.

6. Coronado Island, Baja California Sur

mexico travel and leisure
Coronado Island near Loreto, BCS

Can you imagine walking around an island without inhibitions? No clothes, no prejudices, no shame?

Well, it is possible on this beautiful island in Loreto, Baja California Sur.

To get there you must go to the Loreto Marina and take one of the boats that go to the island.

You will find a unique landscape with calm waves, ideal for snorkeling and kayaking.

And with some luck, you’ll see the dolphins that roam the area, visit sea lions, trek to a dormant volcano, and much more.

Going Glamping is another highly recommended plan to make the most of the experience.

Enjoy a few days in luxury tents in front of the fascinating turquoise sea with good company and starry nights. Peace and tranquility are guaranteed.

Best Nude Beaches in Mexico: Final Thoughts

So what do you think of all these nudist beach options? Which one would you sign up for first?

As we conclude our exploration of Mexico’s top nude beaches and resorts, it’s evident that this diverse country offers a haven for those seeking the freedom of naturism.

From the rugged shores of Zipolite to the luxurious confines of Hidden Beach Resort, Mexico caters to all tastes and preferences within the naturist community.

Beyond the allure of basking in the sun in your most natural state, these destinations offer a unique sense of liberation and acceptance.

Moreover, the natural beauty surrounding these places is unparalleled. From pristine coastlines and lush jungles to breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific, each destination offers a picturesque backdrop for your nude escapades.

However, it’s essential to remember that with this freedom comes responsibility.

Respect for others’ boundaries and privacy is paramount, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their naturist experience to the fullest.

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