Zipolite Beach: Where You Can Be Free and Naked in Oaxaca

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Zipolite Beach: Where You Can Be Free and Naked in Oaxaca

Along the South Pacific coast of Mexico lies the community of Zipolite Beach.

Probably the most remarkable thing about Zipolite is that it is the first and only official nude beach in Mexico.

However, Zipolite is more than a nude beach; it is a quiet paradise for the free-spirited at heart (and nudism is optional).

Plus, it’s perfect for surfing, beachcombing, and catching up on a good book. The appeal of Playa Zipolite is its low-key atmosphere and wide golden beach where you never have to go far to enjoy great food and a cold beer.

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This famous “nudist” town sits along Mexico’s southern Pacific, where you find the coastal towns of Playa Zipolite, Mazunte, and Puerto Angel.

What is the best time to visit Zipolite?

Zipolite is warm all year round, with the driest months between November and April.

June through September have the most rainfall. High season runs from December to April, with the busiest around Christmas/New Year’s and Easter.

Getting to Zipolite Beach

It is best to take a trip to Puerto Angel, and then go to Playa Zipolite.

Renting a car or cab ride will take about 1 hour, while the bus can take up to 2 hours.

Another way to get to Playa Zipolite is to fly into Puerto Escondido airport (PMX) and take a cab to town.

Be aware that the road to this town is narrow, so be very careful when driving. The trip is approximately one hour and 20 minutes. However, you can also fly to the smaller airport in Huatulco (HUX), which is about an hour away.

What to do at Zipolite Beach

zipolite beach oaxaca

Again, Mazunte and Zipolite are known for their laid-back atmosphere and hippie spirit.

From doing absolutely nothing to taking exciting day trips to nearby destinations, this is everything you need to make your trip to Zipolite an unforgettable adventure.

The main reason people come to the southern coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, is to relax on the beach. Basically, they need to get away from it all, the city, and the crowds.

In fact, the beauty of Zipolite Beach is that you are not supposed to do anything, just relax and enjoy the tranquility.

With a beach less than a mile long, one may ask what is there to do here? You can visit museums, hike, and take day trips to nearby communities. Overall, you’ll probably get more rest than anything else.

Nude Beach in Zipolite

zipolite beach

Playa Zipolite is known for having the only legal nude beach in Mexico, but not all of the beach is nude, only a small part near the aptly named Hotel Nude.

Keep in mind that swimming is not recommended in that area, as the waves are very strong.

Also note that only about 1/3 of the people here go nude, since, most locals keep their clothes on.

So, if you are more conservative or don’t like the idea of nudism, don’t worry you can still enjoy the beach without any problem.

One thing you should definitely do in Zipolite is to take a walk at sunrise and sunset. The sun rises at the east end of the beach.

Amor Beach

zipolite amor beach
Playa Amor

Playa Amor is a small enclave at the eastern end of Playa Zipolite.

You’ll need to climb a series of steps over the rocks to get there.

There is a beach bar for drinks and snacks. Overall, it’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Zipolite is a long stretch of golden sand over a mile long, surrounded by spectacular cliffs at each end.

The current is strong, great for surfing, and you can find an instructor on the beach or ask at your hotel if you want to take a lesson.

The best way to experience Zipolite’s waves is probably to book a surf lesson. There are plenty of surfers who will teach you, so just ask for a guide.

Street art at a glance

street art

Take a stroll down the main street that borders the beach and you’ll see small side streets that are almost covered with street art.

The street adjacent to a block from the beach also has some epic murals.

Zipolite’s main street is a brick-paved avenue named Colonia Roca Blanca, but informally known as “el Adoquin.”

It is lined with small stores and restaurants, and local artisans host morning and evening exhibitions.

Yoga classes at Zipolite Beach

To relax and recharge, you can take a yoga class at a local studio.

Even after a few minutes on the beach, you will begin to notice that many sunbathers are running, exercising, or doing yoga.

Happy Hour and Nightlife

zipolite bar
The Bar at Hotel Descalzo

The great news about Zipotle is that Happy Hour is a common event, and there are cheap beers for those who don’t like shots.

Plus, you’re traveling to Oaxaca, so you need to know where the nearest mezcaleria is.

Be sure to visit Mezcaleria Gota Gorda. If you’re not already familiar with mezcal, it’s a liquor distilled from agave, the same plant used to make tequila.

But mezcal has a special, traditional production process that gives it a smoky flavor.

Nightlife in Zipolite is fairly quiet, although, during the high season, there are often bands and DJs in the local restaurants and bars, even on the beach.

Try the local food

If you are new to the coast of Oaxaca, be sure to visit the fruit stands to see what fruits and vegetables are in season.

Since it’s on the Pacific coast, you’ll also find plenty of seafood in Zipolite.

Don’t leave without trying the aguachile, which is similar to ceviche but topped with a delicious spicy and citrusy avocado and cucumber sauce.

Zipolite Day-Trips

If you’re looking for more activities, visit nearby Mazunte for a sea turtle research center, or hike to Punta Cometa for spectacular views and sunsets.

From November to March, you can take a boat trip on the beach to watch turtles, dolphins, and whales.

You can also head to Puerto Escondido for more surf and sun. Or for the best snorkeling on the coast of Oaxaca, head to Huatulco.

Mazunte Beach and Zipolite are about 5 km away from each other. So if you visit one, you might as well visit the other.

Festivities in Zipolite

The region hosts some events that you may want to consider when choosing your travel dates:

Day of the Dead: Oaxaca is one of the best places to experience Dia de Los Muertos, celebrated from October 31 to November 1.

Zipolite Nudist Festival: held at the end of January/February.

Mazunte Jazz Festival: typically the second week of November.

Arribada: this is a mass nesting event when Olive Ridley turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

The main nesting season is from June to January, so it is possible to see turtles nesting and hatching during this time.

The coast of Oaxaca is one of the top 5 turtle nesting areas in the world, specifically on the beaches of Mazunte.

Zipolite Beach in Oaxaca: Conclusion

In conclusion, Zipolite Beach stands as a unique haven on the Oaxacan coastline, offering a liberating and open-minded atmosphere that encourages visitors to shed societal constraints and embrace the freedom to be themselves.

This hidden gem is not just a destination; it’s a celebration of self-expression, acceptance, and the beauty of human diversity.

The warm sands and gentle waves of Zipolite provide a canvas for individuals to redefine their comfort zones and experience a sense of liberation that is truly unparalleled.

Whether you choose to embrace the clothing-optional culture or simply revel in the inclusive vibes, Zipolite Beach invites you to let go of inhibitions and immerse yourself in a world where acceptance and authenticity reign supreme.

So, if you’re seeking a beach destination that goes beyond the ordinary, Zipolite awaits—an oasis where you can truly be free and connect with the unbridled spirit of Oaxaca’s coastline.

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