Chiapas Coastline Calling: The 10 Best Weekend Beach Retreats

chiapas beaches
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Indigenous richness, unparalleled gastronomy, archaeological sites, and various beautiful beaches make Chiapas a world of its own.

A lot of folks have asked me if there are beaches in Chiapas. In fact, most people think there aren’t any.

That’s why today, I will discuss these lovely southern beaches for your enjoyment. Take note!

TOP 10 Beaches in Chiapas, Mexico

1. Puerto Arista Beach

Puerto Arista is considered by many as one of the main beaches in Chiapas.

The attributes of this beach are varied, as well as the activities you can do.

It is 32 kilometers of coastline, where you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, lagoons, mangroves, palm trees, and palapas.

Being a beach with fairly extensive terrain and an open sea (which makes the waves quite strong), it is ideal for activities in and out of the water: diving, skiing, boating or horseback riding, jet skis, ATVs, etc.

chiapas beaches
Puerto Arista – Source: Glenn Kachmar /

There are restaurants where you will find fried fish and fresh seafood prepared based on the region’s gastronomy, which has been passed from generation to generation.

Check for places to stay in Puerto Arista

There are also cafeterias and walkways. If you prefer to practice volleyball, the area is ideal for that.

Playa Puerto Arista Chiapas is the most critical camp for reproducing and conservating various types of sea turtles.

2. Barra San Simón, Chiapas

chiapas beaches
Barra San Simon beach

Barra de San Simon spans over 16 km of beach with strong waves on one side, while the one closer to the estuary has calmer water.

It was given the name San Simón as a tribute to the town’s patron saint.

The gray color of its fine sand, the variety of aquatic birds, the Pacific Ocean at its southern end, and the many marine products in its waters (oysters, fish, shrimp, etc.) make this one of the best beaches in Chiapas.

And thanks to its canals, the mangroves found here connect with the La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve, located in the area known as Las Palmas.

The nearest hotel is the Mision Surf.

In Barra San Simón, ecotourism is allowed so you can camp without inconvenience.

There are plenty of palapas for you to rest in if you prefer. You can also practice sport fishing, swimming, and diving.

You can observe turtles, jaguars, spider monkeys, river crocodiles, toucans, mallard ducks, and shrimp among the existing fauna.

3. Playa Costa Azul (blue beach)

chiapas beaches

If you are looking to soothe your mind and relax deeply in a place with no jet skis or many tourists, Playa Costa Azul Chiapas is the ideal place.

There are no hotels here, and the tourist infrastructure is relatively small compared to other beaches in Chiapas.

Nevertheless, in Playa Azul, you can observe a series of natural waterfalls with different and beautiful shades of blue, a spectacle that I assure you will enjoy.

Make sure to visit between November and May, as there is no rain.

Playa Azul has restaurants, palapas (family and multi-purpose), walkways, dressing rooms, a small plaza, and bathing modules.

The water is warm and of a beautiful blue hue, and the waves tend to be very calm, making it one of the safest beaches for swimming in all of Chiapas.

Costa Azul beach is only a couple of km from Puerto Arista.

You can take a boat ride through the estuaries and observe the beauty of this unique place, walk through mangroves and photograph many plant and animal species.

Of the latter, some are in danger of extinction.

For example, you can see jaguars, anteaters, the canoe-billed toucan, the scarlet macaw, etc. Remember to bring mosquito repellent.

4. Barra San José

chiapas beaches
Source: Miguel Lopez Ley /

San Jose is considered the only virgin beach in Chiapas. Its sand is smooth, and the atmosphere is tranquil and relaxing.

It is adjacent to several estuaries, and you can take a boat ride along them. It has a beautiful pier that contributes to its paradisiacal atmosphere.

Get to know all flora and fauna of La Estancia estuary by taking a boat tour.

Barra San José boasts an Ecotourism Center, so you can get to know its natural attributes and the variety of plants and fruits that reproduce there.

The waters of Barra San José are suitable for many activities that will make you enjoy to the maximum: banana rides, boat tours, a variety of beach and water sports (among the latter are skiing and jet-skiing), and, as if that were not enough, you can go horseback riding.

Among other services are restaurants, small plazas, dressing rooms, swimming pools, restrooms, and cabins for lodging, among others.

5. Zacapulco beach in Chiapas

chiapas beaches
Sunset at Zacapulco beach – Source: GALERIA ROMEL ALEJANDRO CID VILLEGAS /

This natural space is part of the La Encrucijada Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) and is home to mangrove swamps (the highest in Mexico at 35 meters), estuaries, and an open sea.

There are more than 90 bird varieties, many from the United States and Canada.

Among the types of birds, you can observe pelicans, magnificent frigate birds, blue teal, etc.

When photographing the birds, try not to get too close so as not to disturb the natural conditions of their habitat.

The nearest hotel is the Mision Surf.

In Barra Zacapulco, you will find restaurants where you will taste the gastronomy of various seafood products.

There are also cabins, water attractions for all members of the family, palapas, restrooms, dressing rooms, and hammocks, among others.

You can also visit the turtle camp where you can see a variety of turtles and do ecotourism, camping, swimming, hiking, etc.

6. Boca del Cielo

boca del cielo
Source: Francisco Ferro /

This is a natural cove between the Pacific Ocean and an estuary along with Playa Puerto Arista, one of the most popular beaches in Chiapas.

The water, the fine gray sand, the palapas, and the sound of the waves are just some attributes that make this area one of the most unique places.

Boca del Cielo is a virgin beach where you will find cabins if you wish to stay in the area.

Check for places to stay near Boca del Cielo

It is ideal for lying in a hammock under palm trees, feeling the gentle breeze while sipping a delicious coconut water cocktail.

And for the kids to swim more safely, you can take them to a small saltwater lagoon that has no waves and is very shallow.

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If you feel like eating fresh seafood, you can delight your palate with freshly cooked lobster, or if you like, you can go to one of the nearby communities and try dishes made with mojarra, shrimp, or mullet.

If you want to tour the place, you can do it by boat, especially the mangroves.

You can also practice swimming, diving, and water skiing and capture the natural scenery with your camera.

7. Chiapas beaches: Puerto Madero

chiapas beaches
Source: Harley Katz /

Puerto Madero is located in the municipality of Tapachula, where the exotic nature meets with the ocean. This beach is also called Puerto Chiapas or Puerto Benito.

Puerto Madero is one of the 16 most important ports in the Mexican territory where large boats arrive, and you will enjoy watching them.

It is a beautiful beach with a vast coastline of 9 km. However, bathers can only use half of that because it is open sea.

Here you can dive, swim, ride motorcycles, practice sport fishing and do many water sports.

The boardwalk was recently completed, so if you like, you can stroll along and sit on the benches while you feel the sea breeze.

The cultural activities permeate every space of Puerto Madero, so you will also learn about the national identity and explore the archaeological zone and products such as marimba and amber.

Search for places to stay near Puerto Madero

When you go to Puerto Madero Beach, I recommend bringing insect repellent, sunscreen, and comfortable clothes.

I also suggest you check the weather conditions before traveling because sometimes, especially in April, a swell prevents water access.

8. Paredon Bay

chiapas beaches
Source: luis carrasco /

This beautiful beach is considered part of the extension of the Dead Sea Riviera.

However, due to its swell, it does not have a sandy beach. In Paredón Bay, you can have a great time while enjoying its tourist attractions.

The sunsets offer a spectacular landscape.

You can practice various water sports and take long boat rides.

If you get hungry, you can taste the gastronomy of the place through the different dishes offered by the restaurants of Bahía Paredón, most of them made with fresh fish and seafood.

9. Chocohuital, Chiapas

The Estuary – Source: Cesar Orantes /

Chocohuital is a place full of natural attributes that possess the best of both worlds.

You can see the beach on one side, while it has an estuary full of mangroves on the other.

The beach is a paradise, with not very strong waves, fine sand, perfect space, and a sea breeze that relaxes the senses.

Search for places to stay near Chocohuital

In this area also begins the La Encrucijada Reserve, a site of outstanding beauty that allows you to visualize the wonders of nature.

In Chocohuital, you can practice swimming, recreational fishing, and kayaking. You can also taste regional dishes prepared by its inhabitants.

I recommend hiring a tour with the locals to explore and see all the unique flora and fauna of the area.

10. Linda Beach, Chiapas

playa linda

Playa Linda is a beach with strong waves due to its open sea.

With a fresh breeze and very fine golden sand, Playa Linda is the favorite of Tapachula’s inhabitants and is ideal for practicing water sports.

Therefore, in Playa Linda Chiapas, you can take boat rides, go fishing, camping, or -among other things- enjoy the scenery from a palapa.

I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen.

The culinary delights of the place are also available for you in the restaurants that make life in Playa Linda.

The best thing is that these are simple, delicious, and very inexpensive dishes.

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