Los Azufres, Michoacan: Your Mexican Spa Paradise Awaits!

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Los Azufres Michoacan is home to the most enchanting therapy for body and spirit in one of the best hot springs in Mexico.

It is sourced from the depths of the mountains on the border with the state of Mexico.

This beautiful reserve comprises a system of natural pools, geysers, springs, and hot springs lagoons in Michoacán.

People visit these mineral waters for bathing, heating, and hydromassage therapies to tone the body and spirit and regenerate the skin with thermal mud baths.

Thermal waters are those that spring naturally with a temperature at least 5 °C higher than the environment and improve the oxygenation of the body, favoring the organic metabolism and the digestive system.

Frequent contact with water and minerals, such as sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, helps balance the nervous and hormonal systems.

The particularly sulfurous waters effectively treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

How is the climate in Los Azufres Michoacan?

los azufres michoacan
Creeks and rivers surround Los Azufres
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It depends on where you are. Before entering the hot springs, you will feel an ambient temperature so cool that you may think you are in the wrong place.

Precisely, the contrast of temperatures between the bodies of water and the rest of the environment is one of the great charms of Los Azufres.

When leaving the pool’s warmth, many people rush back to the cabin to light the fire and enjoy a good book or a restful sleep, with all the muscles relaxed after the bath.

How to get to Los Azufres Michoacan

Los Azufres Michoacan has the advantage of being close enough to several Mexican cities to organize a comfortable weekend trip.

Leaving Friday evening or early Saturday morning and returning on Sunday is ideal.

The hot springs are only 31 km from Ciudad Hidalgo and 104 km from Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, while Celaya is 131 km away, Mexico City 246 km, and Guadalajara 343 km.

Those from Mexico City should take Federal Highway 15 towards Morelia and turn off towards Los Azufres after passing through the Michoacan town of Maravatío de Ocampo.

Is it true that thermal waters prevent aging?

azufres michoacan

As I have already said, the positive effect of hot springs on the nervous and hormonal systems and their favorable impact on digestion and blood circulation promotes better overall health that is reflected both physically and mentally.

Additionally, a study by the International Society of Hydrological Medicine found that in sulfurous thermal waters, such as Los Azufres de Michoacán, lives a sulfur bacteria that helps strengthen the epidermis, delaying its aging.

It has been demonstrated that thermal waters are good for health and can be used by any healthy person, taking the necessary precautions.

However, no person with any health condition should self-prescribe a treatment with these waters.

It is necessary to consult a doctor, particularly in the case of illness and pregnancy.

It is also not advisable to jump into the waters immediately after arriving from a long trip.

You must wait for the body to acclimatize so that the shock between the environmental temperature and the water is absorbed without problems.

Things to do and see in Los Azufres Michoacan

The natural environment of Los Azufres is dotted with rustic cabins and troughs in a beautiful green setting.

There are zip lines near the hot springs, hiking, and mountain biking areas, and other outdoor entertainment.

A fantastic ecological activity that can be combined with the trip to the hot springs is the observation of the beautiful Monarch butterfly.

And one of whose sanctuaries in Michoacan, El Rosario, in the community of Ocampo, is located near Los Azufres.

The butterfly spectacle occurs between November and March.

Lodging in Los Azufres, Michoacan

los azufres michoacan
Cozy pool at Quinta Los Azufres

The lodging offers are mainly cabins and camping areas, the latter an option for the more daring since the nights are very cold.

The picturesque cabins generally have thermal pools, basic services, parking facilities, barbecue grills, and picnic areas.

The top 6 accommodations on the TripAdvisor list are:

Club Tejamaniles is located at km 16 of the San Pedro Jacuaro – Jerahuaro Highway and has a pleasantly rustic ambiance.

Los Azufres Spa Natural is located at km 26 of the Jerahuaro Highway.

It offers thermal pools, healing baths, mud massages, and temazcales with steam that emanate naturally from the earth’s depths, framed in the beauty of the Michoacan forest landscape.

Ready to step into a warm natural pool?

I hope you return from Los Azufres “feeling like new,” having left behind stress, muscle aches, worries, and other things.

See you again soon for another wonderful ride.

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